Belt Conveyor GUF-P 2000 with 250 W for medium-weight parts, optional with control

Variants: L1500xW300 mm, with FI

Item no.: RBTX-MK-0013

The GUF-P 2000 is a belt conveyor with a modular profile design for conveying light and medium-weight goods. It is particularly suitable for transporting packaged and unpackaged piece goods, without any specific requirements regarding the product’s position, orientation or geometry.

The T-slots running along both sides (10 mm slot width) in the conveyor frame allow you to easily integrate the conveyors into existing machine frames or to attach conveyor stands, side rails, sensors and other accessories.

The optional frequency inverter (FI) allows for 4 preset speed levels and serves as the interface with the robot. It is completely installed on a separate control cabinet and wired ready for connection.

A base frame is not included in the scope of delivery. Please contact us if required!

The product can be customized to your needs. Please contact us.


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Frequency Inverter


guf-p-2000-fu drawing

Technical data

  • Widths: 200 / 300 / 400

  • Lengths: 1000 / 1500 / 2000

  • Conveyor belt: PU, white FDA, allows for restricted accumulated operation

  • Drive: AC head drive, 250 W / SEW / AC 230 V / 50 Hz / IP 54

  • Motor installation position: 0° horizontally under the belt, either on the left or right (default: left)

  • Speed: adjustable with 6, 18, 30 or 42 m/min.

  • Total load: < 30 kg

  • Type of transport: forwards and reversing with start ramp

  • Power supply: optional frequency inverter, with external DC 24 V interface for starting/stopping, 4 fixed speed levels and selectable direction

  • Driving roll: Ø 53 mm, w/o rubber coating

  • Tail: Ø 53 mm

  • Power transmission: chain drive


Frequency inverter

The frequency inverter is used for the power supply and control of the motor and meets, with motor protection and a main switch, the requirements of the EC Machinery Directive (MRL) for a complete machine. The regulation for 4 fixed speed levels, including soft start and reversing operation, as well as start/stop control is carried out via a 24 V DC interface. It is completely installed in a separate IP54 control cabinet and is wired ready for connection. The supply voltage (230V AC / 50 Hz / 16A) and signals are provided with plug connections for direct connection to the main cabinet.


Other options and accessories

  • Lengths: 500 to 10000 mm

  • Widths: 50 to 800 mm

  • Total load: up to 75 kg (from W=400 mm, max. 25 kg/m)

  • Speed: up to 80 m/min

  • Motor installation position: pointing downwards 90°

  • Belt types: from suitable to unsuitable for accumulated operation

  • Side rails

  • Stand systems

  • Angle fastening for table-top assembly or connection to machine frames

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