Robocube | Robot cell for all igus robots

Item no.: RBTX-IGUS-0093

Product information

  • Suitable for igus® jointed arm, SCARA, Delta and gantry robots
  • Dimensions: 1,000 x 937.23 x 2,030 mm
  • Robot frame made of aluminium profiles
  • One module, 50 robot types and an infinite number of possible applications
  • With emergency stop, start and stop display and CE documentation
  • Robot and control cabinet are installed by igus
  • Energy chains not included in the price


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1000 x 937,23 x 2030 mm


robocube anwendungen

Modular, simple and scalable

Depending on requirements, the robot cell can be used as a stand-alone module or combined with several cells to form a more complex production line. The robot cell made of aluminium profiles is designed for different robot types such as articulated arm, delta, SCARA or gantry robots. The compact but stable design with optionally integrated igus® Robot Control and matching kinematics allow uncomplicated and fast positioning in space.

Possible applications:

  • Component separation

  • Gluing cell/automatic machine

  • Assembly cell/automatic machine

  • Sorting cell/automatic machine

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Maximum function in minimum space

The cell requires a floor space of about 1m2. This area is made up of the dimensions 1,000 x 937.23 x 2,030 mm (L x W x H). Due to the high degree of standardisation, the cells can be equipped with a wide variety of components. On the other hand, you have full flexibility for later repurposing if requirements change. This saves money and conserves resources.  

The purchase includes the necessary electronics such as emergency stop, start and stop display and CE documentation. 

The robot and the control cabinet are installed by igus. The price does not include attachments such as energy chains.

We would also be happy to create an individual robot enclosure for you, please contact us.

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