SoftGripping Engineering Kit

Variants: Without controlbox

Part No.: RBTX-SOFT-0010

With the engineering kit you can find your perfect gripper for high-speed automation. The kit consists of a total of 6 SoftActuator fingers that can be freely mounted on the different plates supplied. Thus, any configuration is possible and you can adapt the gripper exactly to your component. The robot flange also offers holes for all common ISO standards and can be easily mounted with the included tool. The kit comes in a case with corresponding accessories and pneumatic lines and connections. The fingers are fixed to the oblong hole plates by means of adapters and can be moved along the plate at any time by loosening the screws to find the optimum distance and orientation. 6 fingers are more than enough to grip all common objects. Be it food, packaging, medicines or fragile objects in general.

Usual delivery time: 3 weeks


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Typical application areas

The SoftGripper is ideal for pick and place tasks in the food industry. Typical examples are strawberry picking and general handling of fruits, apples, figs, mandarins, eggs and vials.

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