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Egg cracking robot

JSL Solution Pte Ltd
Material handling

Hygienic machine processing of food products

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The product developed by JSL Solution Pte Ltd is a machine for breaking eggs to prepare eggs of the Singaporean typical breakfast specialty "half boiled egg" with kaya (coconut milk jam) or buttered toast. There is already a unit in the market that prepares half boiled eggs. However, it cannot crack and spread the egg. At the high-end, there are also systems with robots that can prepare and serve fried eggs and scrambled eggs. But these are too expensive for food and beverage retailers. This is where low-cost automation comes in.

The idea was born for a machine that can crack eggs and prepare them "half boiled" style, ensuring the freshness of the eggs. At the push of a button, the egg is cracked and served to the customer. The idea was worked out with an igus threaded spindle, motors and sliding element. The system must serve food and therefore be safe and hygienic, as well as maintenance and lubricant-free. Many parts come from a 3D printer. An Arduino controller is used for the control system.

This gives employees more time to serve customers and eliminates the need for trial and error during preparation, creating waste, paying attention to temperatures and times, and keeping customers waiting. Machine processing improves food safety and sanitation, as well as inventory management. Food safety and quality data is collected daily. The small footprint design allows food and beverage providers to make the most of their workspace. This equipment therefore increases daily productivity, reduces operating costs through less waste and better inventory management, and increases sales for the company.

The system also has a modular design. As a result, it can be combined in the future with fried egg and scrambled egg units and also with toast preparation equipment.

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