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Place flat plug in tool carrier

Pantel Elektronik
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Hardware Price: £9,695.20


Very accurate to 0.1mm

Monuting time

reduced by approx. 50%


in Labview

The company Pantel Elektronik manufactures flat modules according to customer requirements. With some of these flat modules it is necessary to press flat connectors into the electronics during the manufacturing process. Initially, employees manually inserted the tabs into tool carriers and then pressed them into the printed circuit boards. In order to automatically load the tabs, which are delivered in bulk, they are first separated by a vibratory feeder. The system, equipped with an IGUS room robot (500x500x100) and a Schunk gripper-swivel module, removes the provided tabs and inserts them into the various tool carriers at previously defined positions. The now prepared tool carrier can be removed and fed to further processing. The complete process is controlled by an industrial PC with LabVIEW. The specially developed program creates a clear GUI with simple remote maintenance options, which are further improved by an installed webcam. Subsequent adjustments are therefore comparatively easy to implement. While the system is already loading the next tool carrier, the employee simultaneously prepares the flat assembly and presses it with the previous tool carrier filled in the machine. This parallel processing of several process steps by the system and the employee has reduced the assembly time by almost 50%. In addition, the employees are spared a very monotonous and error-prone activity, thus ensuring quality in production.

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