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Automatic dispensing system for pharmacies

Qx Robotics Pvt. Ltd
Pick & Place

Low cost desktop medicine dispensing machine

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The job of a pharmacist is to advise their customers on their medication. Pharmacists spend a lot of time fetching medications. How convenient it would be if it wasn't the pharmacist coming to the medication, but the medication coming to the pharmacist.

Qx Robotics' medication dispenser is designed to do just that. There are already a number of medication dispensing solutions. These solutions are often very expensive and prohibitively expensive for the many smaller pharmacies.

Qx Robotics is focused on working in this sector. The main goal is to offer pharmacies an affordable solution. The Qx-Dextron is a tabletop medication dispensing device. It can dispense medication strips (blister type, aluminum-aluminum, etc.) as well as medication boxes. The system can dispense medications much faster, freeing up time for the pharmacist to spend more time with the customer.

The solution is based on a compact pick-and-place robot. Conventional automation solutions for pharmacies can dispense boxes. With its innovative design, Qx-Dextron can dispense more difficult-to-handle products such as drug push-through packs (aluminum-aluminum). The actuation system of the Qx-Dextron is based on an XYZ gantry system from igus.

The advantages

  • The product can speed up dispensing. For pharmacies, the time required for dispensing medications drops to less than one-third of the conventional process.

  • The product is cost-efficient. Due to the cost-effective automation system, it can pay for itself in the pharmacy within one year.

  • The Dextron's custom electronics make it energy efficient. The power consumption of the Qx-Dextron averages less than 1 kWh per day.

  • The dimensions of the product can be customized according to customer requirements. The system is also stackable and space saving.

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