RBTX Method

RBTX is a pioneering force in the world of low-cost robotics. By providing a marketplace with low-cost components from top-tier brands, we’re breaking down barriers, ensuring everyone access and integrate quality automation.

The "RBTX Methodology" embodies our systematic approach to assist clientele in identifying and procuring products that align precisely with their automation requisites.

RBTX low cost robotics

RBTX is the marketplace for affordable robotics for enterprises. Offering solutions from €2000, we provide businesses an opportunity to automate their processes cost-effectively. The platform features components from top industry manufacturers, enabling automation for everyone.

The marketplace

Dive into the world's premier low-cost robotics marketplace! Explore a vast range of robots, end effectors, vision systems, and more to build your perfect robotic solution. We offer a 100% compatibility guarantee.

Browse solutions

Dive into our curated collection of 400 videos, each showcasing unique low-cost automation solutions. Filter by application or industry to find inspiration for your solution.


Our team of automation experts offers FREE expert advice with our RBTXpert video call. You will receive information on any component we offer.

Also, If you need consultancy on your application we will find a solution in just 30 minutes.

Machine Planner

The machine planner is an online configurator, where you can build and plan your machine and receive a live price. Also, you can collaborate seamlessly with our RBTXperts within the same platform.

Test before invest

You have the parts, send them to us and we do a feasibility test on your application. Book a free RBTXpert call to get the process of your application verified. You will receive a test report and a video of your application.

What you will receive

You are provided with a comprehensive 'all-in-one' solution emphasizing ease and affordability. Our robot systems allow swift robot cell construction, designed to facilitate effortless integration and maintenance of robotics regardless of one's expertise level.

Benefits of RBTX clients

As member of our community, you gain access to our expansive international service spanning 29 countries. Should you encounter any challenges with your application, rest assured our complimentary free video service is readily available to assist and ensure a seamless experience.