FlexiBowl® 200

Item no.: RL-ARS-0001
FlexiBowl® 200C/CC can feed products of any geometry, surface and material. It is compatible with all industrial robots and vision systems. One FlexiBowl® can feed entire ranges of parts measuring 1 to 10 mm and weighing up to 20 g, replacing the need for the numerous units used in conventional systems.
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FlexiBowl® 200


Compatible with 99.9% of parts

FlexiBowl® feeds the widest range of components in the market, regardless of geometry, surface, and material.

Evolutionary technology for quick product changeovers

In the ever-changing manufacturing business, FlexiBowl® is the answer to:

  • Small production batches

  • Low time to market

  • Short product life cycle

Rapid, intuitive integration

No advanced programming skills are required to start feeding components with FlexiBowl®.

Designed on efficiency

FlexiBowl®'s main strength is its efficient concept, continuously innovated by our engineers.

Key facts

254 x 470 x 319 mm
Recommended part weight
<20 g
90 cm²
Recommended part size
1<x<10 mm
Load capacity
1 kg

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