This bundle contains the versatile 5 axis robolink® robot arm from igus with an integrated controller from Commonplace Robotics including the intuitive CPRog controller software. A user-friendly package that is completely equipped with an electric gripper from GMT Europe and an object recognition sensor from ifm electronic. Use cases range from pick-and-place applications such as material feeding, sorting and quality assurance to assembly tasks, computer vision applications, education, and research and development. The control and programming environment CPRog for Windows is based on a 3D user interface including simulation which allows for an easy start into robot programming.
  • research & development
  • education
  • computer vision applications
  • assembly tasks
  • pick and place applications

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Robolink - Integrated Controller, 5 Degrees of Freedom, Reach 680 mm

Robolink - Integrated Controller, 5 Degrees of Freedom, Reach 680 mm

by igus® GmbH
The robolink® robot arm allows you to automate manual work steps quickly and easily. The predefined 5-axis kinematics with lubrication-free joints can be equipped with various tools (e.g., grippers, suction cup, camera) as desired. Ultra-compact thanks to its integrated controller. No need for a separate control cabinet. Equipped with a 3.5" touchscreen panel for easy control. Flexible with 1 digital in/out module providing 4 inputs and 4 outputs on 24 V level. Can be increased to 3 modules.
GEZ Parallel Gripper - Electric

GEZ Parallel Gripper - Electric

by GMT Europe GmbH
Electrical low cost gripper with good price-performance ratio. Model: GEZ-KA68440
Object Recognition Sensor - Standard Lens 18x14

Object Recognition Sensor - Standard Lens 18x14

by ifm electronic gmbh
  • For presence, completeness, position and quality control
  • Orientation-independent contour verification
  • Stand-alone device with integrated illumination
  • Intuitive, user-friendly handling
  • High-performance Ethernet interface for data transmission
  • Model: O2D220


680 mm
Max Combined Payload
0.3 kg
Stroke per jaw
6 mm
End Effector Propulsion Method
Angle of View
18x14 °

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