This modular robot control allows to operate stepper motors and digital Input / Outputs. In combination with the CPRog software gantry or robot kinematics can be driven. Due to the DIN rail form factor the modules allow a very easy service.

The control and programming environment CPRog for Windows 7/10 generates the commands for the joints and forwards them with a USB-to-CAN adapter to the electronic modules. CPRog is based on a 3D user interface that allows an easy start into robot programming. The robot can be moved in reality, but also in simulation to allow testing. Robot programs can contain e.g. Joint, Linear, DigitalOut, Loop or If-Then-Else commands. Further components, e.g. computer vision systems, can be connected using plugins. A 24V power supply and a Windows PC are required for operation.

  • Smooth motion with 1/256 microstepping
  • DIN-rail modules with bus connection
  • Source code and ROS packages are provided

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