Controlbox with integrated pump

Item no.: RL-X0556
The perfect control box for cobot and training applications. But also mobile applications, where an external or large compressor is inaccessible, are perfect applications for this control box. It contains everything needed to operate pneumatic grippers: a compressor and a vacuum pump are permanently installed. The grippers are very robust and can be operated at a speed of over 60 cycles per minute without any problems. Basically, the use of this box allows the operation of the following SoftGripping product lines: Educational, SoftActuator and SoftGripper, but is also applicable for other product lines.
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Controlbox with integrated pump

Key facts

input pressure
0 - 4 bar
Output pressure
0 - 1,5 bar
Output Pressure Vacuum
-0.7 bar
Switching speed
20 ms

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