Individual applications can be realized extremely modularly and cost-effectively with the drygear® Apiro gearbox system. Possible applications can be in the packaging, food, medical and many other industries. There, aisle adjustments, pusher tasks, gears with different ratios, rotary tables and rotary axes can be used. The gearbox system can be motorized or used for manual adjustments.

The starter kit allows the combination of first kinematics and is ideal for the beginning. It includes:

  • Boom axis with 150mm stroke
  • Gearbox with a ratio of 32:1
  • Motor kit with a Nema 17 + encoder
  • Accessories such as mounting plates, parallel connectors and the mounting tool
  • USB-Stick with STP files and drawings
  • INI-Kit for zero position

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INI kit
Nema 17 + Encoder