Robolink - Integrated Controller, 5 Degrees of Freedom, Reach 680 mm

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The robolink® robot arm allows you to automate manual work steps quickly and easily. The predefined 5-axis kinematics with lubrication-free joints can be equipped with various tools (e.g., grippers, suction cup, camera) as desired. Ultra-compact thanks to its integrated controller. No need for a separate control cabinet. Equipped with a 3.5" touchscreen panel for easy control. Flexible with 1 digital in/out module providing 4 inputs and 4 outputs on 24 V level. Can be increased to 3 modules.
680 mm
Max Payload
0.5 kg
Max Speed
0.05 ms
Dynamics with 0.5 kg
7 picsmin
0.8 mm

How does a robot arm kinematic work?

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