Robolink - 5 Degrees of Freedom, Reach 790 mm

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With robolink® robot arms, monotonous and dangerous processes can be automated easily and inexpensively. The igus® robot arms can be fitted with grippers and suction lifters. If needed, Commonplace Robotics GmbH offers an industrial controller that is suitable for robolink® D and, by means of intuitive software, enables programming of the joint arm. As the robolink® components are based on a modular building-block principle, they can be combined with special components, can be purchased individually and can be operated with a self-programmed control unit. robolink® is therefore not only especially versatile but can also be flexibly adapted to changes in the automation process.
790 mm
Max Payload
2.5 kg
Max Speed
0.05 ms
Dynamics with 2.5 kg
7 picsmin
0.8 mm

How does a robot arm kinematic work?