Robolink W - draw-wire robot

Item no.: RL-B10301-DU3623
The robolink W rope pull robot consists of plastic joints that are connected to each other via aluminum tubes. It is possible to adjust the lengths of the respective articulated arm. To further reduce the weight, carbon fiber or reinforced plastic tubes are optionally available. The traction cables are guided through the arm and are specially developed Bowden cables.
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Robolink W - draw-wire robot


Product information

  • Payload up to 0.5 kg

  • Reach up to 650 mm

  • Degrees of freedom: from 2 to 6

  • Speed: 6 picks / min

  • Optional with gripper

  • High flexibility

Product description

  • Arm length freely selectable

  • Carrying handles

  • Connections for motor and sensor cable

  • Compressed air connection for operation of pneumatic components

  • Integrated fan

  • Service life: 100,000-150,000 cycles

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