The UR3e - A flexible collaborating robot

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Item no.: RBTX-UR-110303
The Universal Robots UR3e is an ultra-lightweight, compact, collaborative tabletop robot. Its small footprint makes it ideal for installation in plants or tight work environments. The Cobot weighs only 11 kg, but has a payload capacity of 3 kg. Since all of its joints can rotate 360 degrees and its wrist can rotate without limits, it handles high-precision assembly and screwdriving tasks with ease. UR3e is also available as an OEM robot system and with 3PE Teach Pendant.

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The UR3e - A flexible collaborating robot


½ day for retooling

Our cobots enable you to react quickly. Flexibly adapt your cobot to new requirements within a few hours.

90 minutes to programming

With the interactive e-learning modules of the Universal Robots Academy, you will learn the basics of working with our cobots.

17 Safety functions

For safe collaborative applications, our e-Series cobots have 17 configurable safety functions.

1 year until amortization

Our cobots usually pay for themselves within 365 days, giving you economic flexibility.

Key facts

128 mm
11.2 kg
500 mm
Max Payload
3 kg