The UR5e - A lightly collaborating robot

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Item no.: RBTX-UR-110305
The collaborative robot, the UR5e, combines future-proofing change measures with collaborative innovation approaches, a Human Centric UX as well as an ecosystem for each application. This is how ambitions become tangible results - by changing manufacturing processes with the ultra-flexible automation platform. The UR5e offers the perfect balance between size and performance. UR5e is also available as an OEM robot system and with 3PE Teach Pendant.

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The UR5e - A lightly collaborating robot


½ day for retooling

Our cobots enable you to react quickly. Flexibly adapt your cobot to new requirements within a few hours.

90 minutes to programming

With the interactive e-learning modules of the Universal Robots Academy, you will learn the basics of working with our cobots.

17 Safety functions

For safe collaborative applications, our e-Series cobots have 17 configurable safety functions.

1 year until amortization

Our cobots usually pay for themselves within 365 days, giving you economic flexibility.

Key facts

149 mm
20.6 kg
850 mm
Max Payload
5 kg