Item no.: RL-X0621
The S70 can be used to inspect products and components at any point along the production line. It can be set up independently, without prior knowledge and directly in production in machine vision or artificial intelligence. It can then be installed to handle any inspection task related to quality control. In doing so, INSPEKTO S70 mimics cognitive human vision with three synergistic AI modules that, in combination with the unique electro-optical system, enable reliable quality inspection - easier than ever before
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Usual delivery time: 2-3 weeks



  • No risk due to feasibility study before purchase

  • Complete solution, ready for immediate use

  • Highly accurate quality

  • Resilient and designed for industrial use

  • High versatility for numerous applications and requirements

  • Low cost


  • Inspection cycle time: approx. 0.5 seconds

  • Measuring distance 10cm - 100cm

  • Memory computer/controller: 2 million images (*4)

  • Flexible arm with three arm segments (360 degrees)

  • Network capability: Ethernet / WLAN

Delivery scope

  • Camera

  • Lens

  • Illumination

  • Industrial

  • Screen

  • Pre-installed software

  • Keyboard and mouse

  • Mounting adapter

  • Cable

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