ClicBot Starter Kit

Item no.: RL-X0303
ClicBot is an advanced intelligent coding robot designed for all ages. As the perfect companion for curious and creative minds alike, ClicBot’s unique modular design allows you to build your own one-of-a-kind robot simply by putting together or pulling apart pieces in any way that “clicks” with your imagination.

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ClicBot Starter Kit



Hands-on learning, understanding basics of Coding Robotics, Introduction to STEM programming & coding, buildable inventive robots, engaging, problem solving.

Cutting Edge Technology

Advanced Modular Technology, customized modules for unique programming control functions, new robotics technology; including self-balancing robot that can roam around, personalities + robotics.

Unlimited Possibilities!

When you’re up to the task, step into the laboratory to invent your own robots and create something completely new!

You can code your ClicBot with our easy to use Motion Programing feature to create different types of actions and sequences.

When you’re ready for more advanced features, check out our user-friendly Drag & Drop graphical programming tool based on Blockly by Google.

Just connect your ideas together and you can create thousands of possible actions for your ClicBot to perform.

Alive Personalities

Includes Two Robots that are preconfigured with “alive” personalities, reacting to user and environment, includes games, interactions, and sensory inputs such as touch, sight, sound, and unique reactions.

Always New

Continuously improved firmware and software updates, ability to add new features, new robot personalities, new interactivity, and more advanced intelligence.

Scope of delivery

  • 1x Brain (this module is used for master control and power)

  • 4x Joints (this module is used for connecting different modules)

  • 1x Skeleton (this module is used for building the limbs)

  • 2x Wheel (this module is used for vehicle setups)

  • 1x Phone Holder (this module is used for connecting a cellphone or a sport camera with your ClicBot)

  • 1x Mount (this module is used for fixing the ClicBot)

  • 2x Lockers (this module is used for reinforcing the connections between two modules)

  • 1x Type-C Charging cable

  • 10x Mount Stickers