Gluing and dosing with low-cost robots from € 6,000

You can implement many different application areas with robots. For example, in addition to positioning and pick-and-place tasks, it is also possible to efficiently automate the application of adhesives, sealants, paints and insulating foams.

In most cases, the aim is to avoid material waste and to glue or dispense more precisely. Another reason is workplace safety, the robot can easily come into contact with chemicals and assists with non-ergonomic work.

With us you can find a variety of components and solutions that make such an application possible. In the video you can see a solution for 6,069.20 EUR, which consists of the following components: xyz gantry, chains and control system. If you need assistance with the planing or implementation, our RBTXpert will advise you free of charge. Just choose a free time slot for a video chat. We will select the right solution for you from our broad component portfolio and integrator network.

Application of adhesive in the automotive sector

A small robot in a large hall. Low cost robotics is also excellently suited for automotive production. At the Volkswagen plant in Emden, a robolink robot arm from igus is used in the Passat B8 PA production. The compact dimensions, the performance data and a fast ROI are the advantages of the robolink. Thanks to the low weight of the robot, no enclosure is required after a risk analysis. The robot including control costs EUR 6,999.00.

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Complete robotic cell for dispensing operations

The robot cell consists of a stable aluminum profile frame and already includes the robot, control system, switch cabinet and safety technology. Your application, e.g. for gluing, can be integrated in the work area. The cell is supplied with documentation and, depending on the application, CE marking. The price for the complete cell is EUR 24,762.00.

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Glue beads with different shapes

The solution consisting of robot arm and control system with DIN rail for an external control cabinet costs EUR 6,896.04.

Gluing small workpieces

Gluing processes on small workpieces often require a high degree of concentration and precision. It is often extremely important that the adhesive seals the component precisely. This is where automation by robots comes in handy. In the example above, you can see a test of the feasibility of gluing processes and components. Please contact us for a test with your individual component. The solution consisting of robot arm and control including control cabinet costs 7.274,60 EUR.

Automate your gluing and dispensing application.

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Frequently asked questions about gluing and dispensing with robotics

How do I find the right robot for my dispensing and gluing application?

There are many requirements for gluing and dispensing processes. Not only the robot but also the material plays an important role. Our free RBTXpert service will help you with the selection of suitable components from well-known manufacturers of adhesive products for your application.

What can be glued?

Almost anything can be glued with low-cost robots. Low cost robots achieve a precision of approx. 0.5 mm.

What does a complete solution cost me?

Complete robot cells start at 12,500 EUR. Individual solutions that have to be integrated by the customer start at 6,000 EUR.

How large can the area to be covered be?

Low cost robots can be configured up to an area of 6,000x6,000 mm. For other dimensions, please contact us.

How can I create programs for my different components?

For each robot, separate program sequences can be created for the different components. In detail, programming differs from robot manufacturer to robot manufacturer. What they all have in common is that you do not need to know any programming language. Contact us and we will show you live and free of charge how to realize your application.

Can I glue around corners with the gluing robot?

Circular interpolations and cornering are possible with almost all robot types.

Automate your gluing and dispensing application.

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