Flexible bin picking solution with 3D vision

Flexible bin picking solution with 3D vision
Item no.: RL-X0500
The bin picking solution solution with Vision & Robotics is intelligent, cost-efficient and flexible. The robotic cell is suitable for a wide range of applications. It can be adapted to your requirements thanks to its modularity. Areas of application include among others logistics, the automotive sector, food and agriculture. The cell consists of an igus 6 DOF robolink robot, a 3D camera, an easy-to-configure workstation and a control cabinet with a computer and robot controller. By using the igus lightweight robot, the system has a relatively low weight compared to conventional solutions. The solution is therefore cobot-capable, easy to operate, and mobile. You only need 230V and the system starts up automatically. The solution is available pre-programmed and plug & play for certain products. If desired, the solution can be extended with other modules as well as other/multiple (linear) robots or conveyors. On the software level, the VinciTech controller allows monitoring of a digital twin, as well as communication with other systems.
Complete solution
  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Easy commissioning

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Key facts

Max Payload
1.2 kg
4 picksmin
120x80 mm


3D vision system

Thanks to a Lucid Helios 3D vision system this bin picking robot cell is very flexible and autonomous. You can handle a big range of objects in your automation process.

Customizable to fir your needs

The robotic cell can be flexibly adapted to your needs in terms of products, work area, sensor technology and interfaces to other systems. For larger payloads, equipment with other robotic kinematics is possible. Robot arms, linear systems, etc. allow a variety of different performance values.

Mobile robot cell

The robot cell is mobile. Move it to where you need it. All you need is a 230V outlet and get going. The cell is placed on a standard 120 cm x 80 cm palette.


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