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3D printer for house facades

DUS Architects, Actual
3D printing

Hardware Price: $13,552.01

With this XXL 3D printer, plastic waste can be reused and printed out as components for houses.

  • Project costs: € 25,000

  • ROI: 6 months

  • Component volume: 2 x 2 x 3 m

The company DUS Architects from Amsterdam has set itself the goal of creating entire houses from plastic waste with the KamerMaker project. For this purpose, they started a project with some industrial partners such as Henkel and igus, in which they regranulate plastic waste and have it printed in an overseas container to make components for houses. The components can have a total volume of 2x2x3 m and then consist of completely recycled plastic waste. The idea is then to send these mobile 3D drcukers to the material yards of the world. A space gantry robot with stepper motor technology was used. The technical challenge lay on the one hand in the conditions such as the degree of the sea container, corrosion resistance and low weight of the structure, on the other hand in the process to be able to use the plastic waste again process-safe.

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