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Autonomous flow of goods with pick and place robot

Apostore GmbH

Bulk bin picking solution for autonomous 24/7 medication goods flow for the pharmacy of the future

Hardware Price: $26,844.15

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Our health is our most valuable asset. Quick and easy access to medicines helps us when we're down. But how is the supply actually ensured? Apostore has an answer to that. When the boxes arrive from the wholesaler, their pick and place robot solution takes care of storage almost flawlessly in 24/7 operation with integrated delivery note management. The bulk medication is autonomously sorted into the pharmacy's merchandise system. And the pharmacy staff can take care of the customers. Safety is a top priority. The individual items are placed on the conveyor belt one after the other by the pick-and-place robot and scanned. Mix-ups are ruled out. So the next wave of colds can come.

For the automation of the flow of goods, Apostore relies on a robolink robot arm together with a 3D Smart Sensor Vision System and a Beckhoff controller for the bin picking solution. An upgrade with an automatic bin changer eliminates the need to manually exchange empty bins.

The pick and place key figures

The pick rate of the pick-and-place robot is one medicine pack every 8-10 seconds. That's over 400 packs per hour. The items can weigh up to 500g.

For the use of the pick and place robot, a compressed air connection of 6 bar and a power connection of 230V / 16A is required.

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