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Automated packaging line from the Prewa company

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Automated packaging line Prewa is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of complete packaging systems and packaging lines with a variety of product feeding, dosing, counting and weighing systems. Founded in March 1983 by Eckehard Preuß and Eckhard Wagner, the company has grown steadily and now employs 33 people at its main site in Großen-Buseck. The business focus is on product-specific solutions for automatic packaging machines and form fill and seal machines from 5 mm bag length up to a bag volume of 120 litres. A second major field of activity is special industrial products such as sealing tapes and spare parts for packaging machines.

Customised system for packaging units Not only should the new car arrive unscratched at the potential buyer's door - elementary accessories such as keys should also find their destination well packaged. To ensure that this succeeds, Prewa developed a system at the customer's request that takes over the automatic handling of car key packaging. A spatial gantry precisely feeds up to 25 packaging bags per minute to a picking crate. After filling, the crate is then automatically placed on a buffer belt for further packaging.

Selecting the right robot The first concept envisaged an articulated-arm robot for handling the packaging bags. But a solution only pays off if the robot is not only low-cost but also ideal for the application requirements. And so, in discussions with the RBTX automation expert, it became clear that significantly faster feeding times could be achieved with a gantry - at lower costs, because the gantry technology used is half the price of an articulated-arm robot.

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