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Low cost part separation using a vibration table with a delta robot and motion controller

Dipl.-Ing. Artur Wiebe
Pick & Place

Integrator Artur Wiebe shows a fast, inexpensive and flexible parts separation system. He uses low cost components such as the VarioShaker vibration table together with an igus Delta robot with motors and motion controller from Servotronix.

Hardware Price: $27,278.48

Automate simple and repetitive manual tasks inexpensively. This is the idea of Low Cost Automation. With this application the integrator Artur Wiebe shows how parts separation can be solved with low cost components.

The nuts are separated on a shaker table. The VarioShaker vibration table from Variobotic is used here. The VarioShaker 270 can separate small parts with a size of 0.5 to 50 mm, depending on their component geometry, by moving, collecting and shaking. The shaker adapts to the different geometries of the small parts by means of different vibratory plates with different surfaces. The VarioShaker can also be put into operation without expert knowledge. The shaker can be set up, configured and operated using the "Shakerconfig" software.

The kinematics consist of a delta robot from the company igus with a working area of 360mm. The delta robot is characterized by speed and precision. It is driven by Servotronix motors and the softMC 301 CANopen motion controller. An electromagnet serves as end effector. A vision system is also part of the application. Different vision systems can be integrated.

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