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Low cost science fiction

HTBLuVA Salzburg
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Control a robot with glove and gestures

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What sounds like science fiction was created by students of the HTBLuVA Salzburg as part of their diploma thesis. They developed a mobile robotic system with a robotic hand that can be controlled intuitively with gestures. This is made possible by a glove that uses sensors to translate the user's gestures into movements for the robot and its gripper. In this way, handling tasks can be performed remotely with the robot. This prototype for tele-operations illustrates how such a system can be realized.

Tele-operations save travel time, enable the handling of hazardous materials and work in hazardous environments. These activities include e.g. physician missions in epidemic areas, research work in remote regions or the handling of hazardous chemicals.

In addition, a drive system including a battery system for the robot and the glove was developed. For the control system, the students rely on a PLC from B&R. A robolink from igus serves as the robot arm.

It is important that the glove is very flexible so that it can capture the different gestures. It is made of flexible plastic and was manufactured using a 3D printing process. In order to provide the user with a simple and, above all, mobile control system, all required electronic components including the battery are already integrated in the glove. The user can move freely without tangled cables.

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