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Robot bartender

igus® GmbH
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Completely automated drink dispensing system for the event and entertainment gastronomy

Hardware Price: $11,191.20





FDA compliant



The robot bartender shows how versatile and simple robotics can be applied. The robolink robot arm from igus® with 4 degrees of freedom mixes the desired drink at the push of a button. This application is very well suited for the growing market of event and entertainment gastronomy. It is a completely automated dispensing system based on the igus Robot Controller. The robot is easy to operate and safely enclosed in a robot cell. The guest hands the glass to the robot through an opening and selects his drink. The robot moves to the individual drink dispensers and doses the spirits. The finished drink is handed back to the guest by the robot through the opening.

The machine uses components from igus® for high-quality, maintenance-free and reliable operation.

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