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Robolink & Injection Molding Machine

BOY Spritzgiessautomaten
Machine tending

FAKUMA 2018, automation unit at Dr. BOY booth.

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Plastics industry: Automated parts handling for efficient injection molding machines

Whereas employees used to have to place ice scrapers in an injection molding machine hundreds of times per shift, this monotonous task is now performed by a low-cost robot. It is so cost-effective and easy to operate that the investment in automated parts handling pays for itself after just four months.

Monday morning, start of shift at a manufacturer of ice scrapers. An employee places twenty blanks in a magazine and starts the BOY 35 EVV, an injection molding machine that overmolds the scrapers with a lip made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). What follows is an example of part handling automation in the plastics industry. robolink, a four-axis robotic arm from Cologne-based plastics specialist igus, grips a blank with a vacuum end effector. The arm then moves to the overmolding machine. The highlight: there are also suction cups on the back of the end effector. This allows the arm to pick up a finished overmolded ice scraper, then turn 180 degrees and place the next blank - with a repeat accuracy of 0.8 millimeters. Removal and loading thus take place in a single motion cycle. And that saves time. The robot arm then places the finished ice scraper on a conveyor belt.


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