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Pick and place with 6 degrees of freedom

igus GmbH
Pick & Place

Hardware Price: $8,233.55







Test before Invest

In order to be able to offer the customer the best and most favourable automation solution, this can be tested beforehand free of charge in the Customer Testing Area at igus®. The whole process is documented and made available to the respective customer to simplify the decision-making process.

In this application, a ReBel was to grip pipes and sort them in a complex movement. To simulate the real weight, an additional weight was attached to the end effector. With its 6 degrees of freedom, the robot can easily perform the movement. In addition, an EGP gripper from Schunk was mounted on the robot for the gripping process. The different robots on RBTX are compatible with various end effectors, camera systems and accessories and are suitable for the most diverse applications in the most diverse industries.

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