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Low cost scara robot

Provinciale School Diepenbeek
Pick & Place

Pick and place application with visual recognition

Hardware Price: $2,237.45

Students from Provinciale School Diepenbeek built a low cost sorting system with a scara robot built with Apiro parts from igus. The robot is controlled with a Beckhoff-PLC and is using a visual recognition system.

A linear actuator will push colored objects from a storage onto a linear guide with stepper motor. This linear guide will then transport the object to a color sensor. Depending on the color of the object, a digital signal will be sent to the PLC so that the PLC knows the color of the object. After this the linear guide will transport the object to the end of the linear guide. There the SCARA robot will pick up the object and based on its color the object is placed in a container. Depending on the color sensor, three to five colors can be sorted. Once the object has been sorted, a new object will be applied from the storage and the process repeats until there are no more objects are left. The scara robot and the feeding system is controlled by a Beckhoff PLC with the necessary PLC terminals, a touchscreen interface and the Beckhoff motors. The whole system will be mounted on a frame of quick building profiles with handles for easy movement of the unit.

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