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Pick and place robot for coffee pods

rezemo GmbH
Pick & Place

2-axis line gantry in production use of coffee capsules made from 100% renewable materials.

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rezemo GmbH develops and produces innovative packaging solutions based on 100% renewable raw materials in order to create alternatives for the use of fossil plastics and aluminum, especially in the area of disposable packaging. One packaging solution is coffee capsules made of wood. Consumers and coffee roasters can continue to enjoy and offer the convenience product coffee capsules without a guilty conscience - without microplastics, proven to be 100% bio-based.

One challenge is the sealing of the capsules. In coffee preparation, the coffee capsules are subjected to high water pressure in the capsule machine. The pressure behind the capsule must be held and channeled into it. This is where the seal comes into play. In the case of conventional aluminum capsules, silicones are used for sealing; in the case of plastic capsules, pliable plastics are used. Rezemo relies on 100% renewable materials and has chosen natural rubber.

In production, rezemo relies on low-cost automation. The production line initially relied on fully manual feeding and removal of the capsules into and out of the metering process. To automate the removal of the capsules after the dosing process, rezemo opted for a handling solution that can approach several fixed points as quickly and precisely as possible with high repeatability.


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