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Robotic draft beer dispenser

SP Engineering & Beratung e. K.
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Automatic bottom up beer dispensing solution

Hardware Price: $11,508.96

Whether it's a concert, a stadium visit, a trade show or a club, where does the longest line form? At the beer tap. With Bottoms Up beer dispensing technology, beer can be dispensed faster and without wasting beer. SP Engineering has built on top of that concept. The system becomes even faster and more efficient when the handling of beer glasses is automated by a robot. The service personnel can devote their time to the customer, take orders and carry out payment transactions.

Lubrication-free robots such as the robolink from igus are ideal for the use of robotics in the food sector. It is very flexible with its 5 degrees of freedom and can be easily programmed without code knowledge. Thanks to its low price, a fast return on investment (ROI) of the system is possible.

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