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Sprue picker: Removing and separating sprues from the injection molding Machine

igus GmbH
Material handling

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1,25 sec.

For continuous use




100% lubrication free

Automation is essential for optimizing operating processes and ultimately for increasing competitiveness. There are many automation solutions in injection molding processing. With the IAP1 sprue picker, we provide a cost-effective entry into the world of process automation. The picker engages laterally in the stripper and ejector molds of injection molding machines. Subsequent separation and further manual handling tasks are completely eliminated, allowing more economical production. The picker is particularly well suited for automation and retrofitting of small injection molding machines and allows sprues to be removed and separated in a very confined space. $break

Fast payback after just a few months. The sprue picker automates the removal and separation of sprues in the injection molding machine. Manual work by hand is thus completely eliminated, the entire work process is accelerated and production is more economical.

  • The sprue is ejected laterally

  • Electric drive

  • Wear parts can be easily replaced

  • Total cycle time from opening to closing in 1.25 s

  • Configurability of the base (adaptable according to machine type)

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