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TruLifter URCaps Kit

TruPhysics GmbH

Loading and unloading of machine tools

Hardware Price: $3,809.90




with 7th axis



This URCap shows how the loading and unloading of machine tools can be automated in combination with the Trulifter. A UR jointed-arm robot moves back and forth on a seventh axis in front of the two machines, picks out the workpieces and sorts them into the boxes. The UR5e and the Trulifter communicate via software, and the Trulifter then moves the crates away.

The UR5e is a collaborative 6-axis robot with a reach of 850 mm and a dead weight of 20.6 kilograms. The maximum payload that can be picked up is 5 kilograms. The Cobot can be equipped with various grippers, camera systems or even accessories such as a drylin seventh axis. It can be used in a wide variety of areas, from manufacturing to the laboratory.

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