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Underwater photography

Storm Petrel Studios LTD

Hardware Price: $6,173.66

Protection class

IP 65




No lubrication

Filming underwater requires high quality actuators and motors that need to be controlled so that we can set up and run the shots quickly. In addition to filming in the wild, filming animals in the field offers better control, higher magnification shots, and the use of special techniques to illuminate exciting parts of animal morphology and life histories in a way that is unique. These shots would not be possible in the wild in this way. Thus, it is not a substitute for filming in the wild, but a wonderful complement to it.

At a cost level I simply could not have built what we have in any other way - and ongoing as we add and take away actuators and motors depending the required configurations these cost savings will continue to happen over the coming years as I grow this business. Efficiency is a strange word to use for it as I guess the Igus Room Gantries I use have made my work more efficient but really it is a more binary situation. With Igus equipment I have achieved new progressive photography and cinematography in my work and without Igus equipment not of this would be possible.

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