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Table football robot

University of Ljubljana

Students automated a table football game

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The students of the University of Ljubljana have automated a table football game in their project called "KiberzBall". Here, human players can play directly against or with computer-controlled players.

To be able to automate the movement of the computer-controlled player, the system had to be equipped with image processing and with an actuator system for linear and rotary movements. Here the team decided on igus linear axes.

The students were looking for a compact solution with enough space and freedom of movement for the small servo motor responsible for the kick movement, and with as little frictional resistance as possible to maximize the achievable accelerations. The Eco axis from drylin met all these requirements. It was mounted on the side so that the drive motor could be placed underneath. A small footprint thanks to a compact arrangement. Plastic adapters were developed and printed to hold the axis in position and to attach the additional servo motor to the trolley. An additional belt tensioner was developed to increase belt tension and ensure stable operation at different accelerations.

The drylin eco linear axis from igus also impressed with its low price and lower frictional resistance. This made it possible to achieve a higher acceleration of the rod for the soccer players.

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