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USB stick handling made easy

Axial GmbH
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Hardware Price: $12,926.78




12 months



Axial Ingenieurgesellschaft works on and accompanies projects throughout all phases. In the process, the latest technologies are selected according to requirements and used professionally. In this application example, the client requires a cost-effective but reliable automation solution for handling USB sticks. The client records the sticks with software before further processing - previously a manual process. For this purpose, the sticks are sequentially removed from a tray (sorted and ordered alignment) and inserted into a USB HUB. The USB stick is then recorded with the software (by the customer), removed and placed in a corresponding container. Axial has chosen an IGUS robot arm (RL-DP-5) and an all-electric gripper from Zimmer for this task. The robotic arm is ceiling-mounted in a mobile cell, giving it a very wide and interference-free workspace. The robotic system grips the USB sticks individually and checks the correct grip via a light barrier (stick removed yes/no) before inserting them into the HUB. The Robolink is controlled and programmed via software that can also be installed on standard computers. The intuitive operation allows the customer to make independent adjustments to the system (e.g. for extended trays, other shapes or sizes of sticks, etc.) and thus offers diverse potential for expansion. The mobile cell also allows the system to be used regardless of location.

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