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Never clean windows again

Virea Wurm GmbH

Automatic window cleaning on an aquarium

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Automation can also be something for your own home. The company Virea Wurm GmbH produces aquarium cabinets. The clou is that the cabinets are also available with a window cleaning function. The aquarium owner saves time and can enjoy his clean aquarium every day.

Especially in saltwater aquariums the good lighting contributes to the fact that algae colonize the panes within a few days. In order to keep the aquarium looking beautiful and presentable, the viewing panes must be cleaned every few days. Until now this was a manual process. With the window cleaning function you are freed from this.

The window cleaning feature is based on two igus gantries that are driven in parallel by a toothed belt. The gantries are particularly suitable as they are lubricant- and maintenance-free. With the integrated controller including a companion app, the daily routines and safety functions can be configured.

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