Lightweight gripping system SLG ECBPMi FSGA 3

Variantes: Size 102x102 with 3 suction cups

Referencia: RBTX-SLZ-0054

With the lightweight gripping systems, the holding force of the CobotPump ECBPMi can be increased thanks to additional suction cups. Mounting is uncomplicated with the M4 screws included in the scope of delivery. The lightweight gripper is available in the sizes 102x102 mm, 102x75.3 mm and 78.6x78.6 mm.

396 €

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Load capacity

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PF PGE-05632 005

Optimize your CobotPump

  • Developed for the Schmalz CobotPump ECBPMi

  • Available as a version with two, three or four suction cells

  • Depending on the version, the holding force can be increased by up to 1.88 kilograms

  • Simple and quick assembly

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