FORMHAND - flexible gripping module individually or in a Cobot Bundle

Variantes: FH-R80

Référence: RBTX-FORM-0001

The single gripping module FH-R80 from FORMHAND consists of a frame and a gripping cushion and is capable of gripping almost any object. With its 80 mm diameter, it manages to grip several different and complex objects - as the gripping cushion hugs the geometry and surface of the components without gaps.

The magic is in the gripping cushion: The FORMHAND gripping cushion is filled with a freely movable granulate and thus adapts to any surface. The adaptation is gentle and thus ensures true shape variability.

The FORMHAND module is suitable for cobot systems, e.g. for machine unloading and in intralogistics. It leads to cost savings, as no special grippers have to be used and thus, among other things, set-up time is eliminated. The gripper cushion can be filled with different granulates and can therefore be adapted to the specific application.

Cobot Bundle

In addition to the individual gripping module, we also offer you the entire bundle. This allows you to equip your robot directly. The bundle contains the following modules:


  • FORMHAND module FH-R80 with PU gripping pad, diameter of gripping surface approx. 80 mm - other FORMHAND modules available.

Hose module

  • 6 m hose module for direct connection to the FORMHAND module and the suction module

Suction module

  • Blower in acoustic bonnet with integrated filter and valve prepared for direct control by the robot.

Ejector operation

  • possible on request

Usual delivery time: 3 weeks

2 211,30 €

plus TVA et port

Max Payload

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