With the so-called 7th axis as a linear adjustment, the radius of action of robots is extended, making them much more flexible in their applications. The drylin® toothed belt axis ZLW-20 is ideally suited as a wide flat linear axis. 2 adapter kits are now available for this axis for the direct connection of robots robolink DP, robolink DCi as well as Universal Robots with UR CAP integration. Optionally, the ZLW-20 toothed belt axis can be delivered ready for connection with the appropriate adapter kit or the adapter kit separately.

  • Connection via linear slide of the ZLW-20 modular axis
  • Compatible with the robolink DP
  • Lifting distances up to 3000 mm
  • Drive: NEMA23XL stepper motor with 5:1 gear
  • adapter kit incl. preparation of suitable E-ChainSystems®
  • Kinematics can be controlled via the 7th axis function in the igus robot control.
  • Further strokes up to 6000mm are possible on request.

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