This package is intended to have your SoftGripper up and running in no time. It includes a SoftGripping Control Box allowing for three positions of the SoftGripper: Grip, Release and Relaxed. If you decide to extend your SoftGripper with a suction cup, you can use the box to operate both the SoftGripper and the suction cup separately. Here, the suction cup can have two positions: Grip and Relaxed. You can operate the Control Box via your own setup or an UR-Cap. You can find the pinout as well as additional information on how to control the box in the appropriate data sheet. Of course, all necessary tubing, connectors and screws are provided as well. Keep in mind that the connector on the SoftGripper is ISO 9404-1-31.5-2-M5. Other connectors are available.

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