Pack bras de robot

N° d'art.: BUNDLE_1
This bundle contains the versatile 5 axis robolink® DCi robot arm from igus with an integrated controller including the free of charge and easy to use igus Robot Control (iRC) controller software. A user-friendly package that is completely equipped with an electric gripper from Schunk and an object recognition sensor from ifm electronic. Use cases range from pick-and-place applications such as material feeding, sorting and quality assurance to assembly tasks, computer vision applications, education, and research and development. The iRC software for Windows is based on a 3D user interface including a digital twin of the robot which allows for an easy start into robot programming.

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Pack bras de robot
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Facteurs clés

680 mm
Degrés de liberté
Charge utile combinée maxi
0,39 kg
Course par mors
3 mm
Type de propulsion (Effecteurs terminaux)
Angle d'ouverture
18x14 °