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Industrial robots

Classic industrial robots have their price. It often starts at 30,000 €. The upper limits are open. The high price is a barrier to entry for smaller companies to buy industrial robots and start automating their businesses.

But there are also robots available at low cost. Through manufacturers that focus on simple automation solutions and innovative, low-cost materials. As a result, small and medium-sized companies also reap the benefits. RBTX bundles this offer of low-cost grippers, cameras and all accessories for industrial robots in the online store.

Buying industrial robots - the agony of choice

For many people, the thought of a robot conjures up the image of a powerful jointed-arm robot that moves entire cars, for example. But robots look different. Depending on the application, a decision must be made as to which type of robot, also known as kinematics, is to be used.

Tip: It is particularly difficult for automation beginners to assess which robot is suitable for their project. The RBTXpert will advise you on your individual application in a free video chat.

Regardless of which robot you ultimately decide on, in any case industrial robots have advantages that cannot be overlooked and are superior to manual work: high repeatability and precision, no signs of fatigue, and they are a real alternative in times of a shortage of skilled workers.