Müller und Partner Sachverständige

As a long-standing expert and specialist in the field of machine safety and robotics, Jens Müller CMSE supports you with over 25 years of practical know-how in mechanical engineering in all questions and tasks related to your automation project - whether concept development, risk assessment or CE markings.

Furthermore, he offers neutral expert opinions (assessments) on exemplary questions:

  • Is the "state of the art" for your existing machines up to date?

  • Has a machine been retrofitted and does it meet the current requirements?

  • As an operator, you have manufactured machines yourself for "own use" - are you now a manufacturer?

  • Are the technical documents (documentation) complete?

  • Over 25 years of practical know-how
  • Concept development
  • Risk assessment
  • CE markings

Products from Müller und Partner Sachverständige

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