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Transforming Manual Processes with Automated Screwdriving: Our Low-Cost Solution

On-Robot Screwdriving with Kolver K-Ducer and igus Gantry

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In our latest customer test video, filmed in our new robotics laboratory in Providence, Rhode Island, we showcase the integration of the K-DUCER system from our partner, Kolver, with our gantry robot.

The K-DUCER is an intelligent transducerized assembly system, featuring the KDU controller and a range of handheld and fixtured electric screwdrivers (KDS) with precise torque control up to 620 lbf-in.

This demonstration highlights how our gantry robot, offering three degrees of freedom, collaborates seamlessly with the K-DUCER system to provide an automated screwdriving solution. This combination addresses the tedious and labor-intensive nature of manual screwdriving, offering a cost-effective and efficient alternative.

Automated screwdriving is essential for reducing the high labor costs and inefficiencies associated with manual processes. Our low-cost automation solution comes with robust support from our dedicated team of engineers. We are available to assist with integration and provide ongoing support, ensuring a smooth and successful implementation.

The K-DUCER's built-in Modbus TCP and Open Protocol connectivity ensures effortless integration into any smart factory environment, aligning with Industry 4.0 standards.

Watch the video to see how our partnership with Kolver enables us to deliver this affordable and powerful automated screwdriving solution. Discover how this combination can transform your production line, delivering enhanced efficiency, precision, and scalability for your assembly operations while minimizing costs and maximizing productivity.

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