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Separate screws using rotary feeder and robot

Bin picking of screws with a flexibowl rotary feeder

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The video begins with an introduction to screw singulation and the role it plays in various industrial applications. It is explained that screw singulation is an important process that enables efficient and accurate handling of screws.Next, the FlexiBowl system is introduced, an innovative device specifically designed for screw singulation. It is emphasized that the FlexiBowl system can be used in a variety of industrial applications due to its flexibility and precision.In the next section of the video, the process of screw singulation with the FlexiBowl system is demonstrated. It is shown how the system picks up the screws, separates them individually, and then provides them for further processing.During the demonstration process, the high speed and efficiency of the FlexiBowl system are highlighted. It is emphasized that the system is capable of processing a large number of screws in a short time, leading to a significant increase in productivity.The video ends with a summary of the benefits of screw singulation with the FlexiBowl system. It is emphasized that the system not only improves the efficiency and accuracy of screw handling, but also enhances the overall productivity and performance of industrial assembly lines.Finally, the viewers are thanked and encouraged to seek further information about the FlexiBowl system and its applications in screw singulation. The video concludes with the company logo and contact information for further inquiries.

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