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Pipettor on gantry used to automate dispensing of fluid for medical and lab applications

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Z axes


Motor Controller

2x D7





A compact, lightweight and low-cost automation solution for medical and laboratory applications. With stepper motors, self-lubricating plastic bearings, lead screw assemblies and plastic cable carriers, the application is grease-free, smooth-running and quiet.

The core is a compact gantry robot with two linear Z-axes with gear racks that include cable carriers. The linear axes are controlled via inexpensive D7 motor controllers. The Z-axes are also independent of each other, and each can move to different heights. The Z-axes have a hollow square profile over which the materials can be transported directly.

With this desktop solution, you can pipette directly from test tubes. But it can also be used to automate Petri dishes or other laboratory equipment.

To use the igus dispensing gantry configurator, click here: https://gluing.rbtx.com/

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