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Automated gluing with a robot

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Automate like 1-2-3!

The room gantry from igus with a 3-axis system is optimally suited for straight and linear movements without a lot of rotational work, fast and precise movements, and also for spot metering. The metering technology for the space gantry from Loctite consists of a digital syringe metering unit. This device can be used to dispense very universal glues as well as other liquids such as grease or oils. Compared to the room gantry, the igus ReBeL has the advantage that the cobot can also perform rotational movements and thus travels around components and scans more complex structures. The ReBeL with 6 degrees of freedom offers you the possibility to approach components even more flexibly. The latest compact dosing device is used for the ReBeL. This dispenser has a product tank where a wide variety of adhesives are dispensed in a pressure-time process. Finally, we will present a complete system consisting of a RoboCube, the Scara robot from igus, the associated control system and the metering unit from Loctite. The Scara robot makes it possible to manually show the robot the position where the robot is to travel. Similar to the room gantry, the Scara robot is suitable for linear movements and spot application. The Scara robot shortens the execution time and offers with this application a complete system with which your production can be made more flexible. Using a peristaltic pump as a metering device, thin-bodied adhesives can be metered very precisely volumetrically via a hose wall system. Through our free RBTXpert consulting service, you can contact us at any time and we will look together for an ideal solution for your application.

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