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SCHUNK - Intelligent sorting system

Automated Pick & Place

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Insights into SCHUNK CoLab

In this fantastic application, the SCHUNK company has fully automated a pick & place task using various components. For this, the UR3e jointed-arm robot was equipped with a SCHUNK SGC system and positioned next to a Varioshaker 270. The special feature of the SGC is that it is a system that includes both a gripper and a camera system that is perfectly matched to it, with the help of which the robot finds the components on the Varioshaker. With its vibration function, the Varioshaker makes it possible to realign the components on top. This is necessary if components are in an unfavourable gripping position or inadmissible alignment.

In addition to the actual pick & place task, an error prevention function has also been integrated into the system with the Varioshaker, which avoids additional idle costs, downtimes and manual readjustment of the components.

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